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Welcome to the website for Crofton Park Garden Owners Association!
~ News ~
March 2021 Newsletter
Posted on Mar 19th, 2021
Snow Storm Update
Posted on Mar 15th, 2021
The weekend storm started out slow, but certainly met all expectations by late yesterday afternoon.  The wind left drifts upwards of four feet in some areas and has made travel difficult.

Crofton Park Garden's snow contractor provided an update this morning indicating that they intend to have the property cleared out by the end of the day.

Thank you again for your patience.  Snow removal is going to mean "shovel by shovel".  It's deep and heavy, and the going is going to be very slow.

Side streets are not much better, so unless you really need to get somewhere it is really best to stay inside and safe.
2020 Annual Meeting
Posted on Oct 18th, 2020
Thank you to those homeowners who attended the 2020 annual meeting held on Monday, October 12, 2020.  20 homeowners were present either in person or by proxy.  The 2021 budget was approved with no increase in the monthly assessment.  Steve Parsons and Joann Vaughn were re-elected to the Board of Directors.
New coupon books for 2021 will be prepared and mailed in early December.
Landscape Maintenance Update
Posted on Jul 15th, 2020
On Monday, July 13, 2020 the Crofton Park Garden Board of Directors met with the landscape company irrigation supervisor to discuss the condition of the landscape and understand what steps might be taken to improve it's condition.

The following steps were authorized:

1)  The irrigation system will move from 5 days per week until 6 days per week, allowing one "off" day for mowing services;

2)  No mowing services will occur this week (Wednesday, July 15, 2020) so as not to further stress out the gress.  You will see the crew on the property today, but their focus will be on pine needle/pine cone cleanup as well as some general maintenance tasks.  Mowing will resume on a Wednesday, July 22, 2020.

Also discussed at the meeting were the ongoing landscape challenges.  The Crofton Park Garden irrigation system was initially installed with the intention of each homeowner managing their own watering.  At some point, this responsibility changed and the HOA became responsible.  Unfortunately, the system was not designed to run in this manner, and because we only have four water taps for the entire community we have neither enough water volume or water pressure to run the system efficiently.  When temperatures are moderate, or we receive rain, we can get by.  This year, the 95 degree temperatures, coupled with no measurable rain are causing the problems you can see today.

The Board of Directors will be investigating ways to improve the system for the future.  This may be adding water taps, which come at a high cost, or perhaps revising the system to improve efficiencies.  We will be looking at alternatives over the next several months.

Please know that we recognize your frustration and our doing our best to improve the visual appeal of the community. 
Snow Removal Reminder
Posted on Feb 14th, 2020
The homeowners association is responsible for clearing off all sidewalks, a path to your front door and driveways when the snow depth exceeds three (3) inches.  Our contractor strives to clear Crofton Park Garden as quickly as possible after the snow has stopped falling, however, the amount of snow, access to our community and weather related issues such as temperature or wind can play a role in the removal process.   This work is completed using a combination of snow blower equipment and hand shoveling.

The City of Broomfield requires all sidewalks to be cleared of snow within 24 hours of the snow storm ceasing.  When it is greater than 3 inches, the HOA will remove this snow.  When it is less than 3 inches, it is a homeowners responsibility. 

Homeowners are not required to, but may clear their own driveways when the snow depth is less than three inches.
Home Improvements and the DRC
Posted on Jun 17th, 2019
It's that time of year, homeowners are initiating improvements to their homes.  Whether it is a new storm door, new exterior lighting, solar systems, or roof replacement, in Crofton Park Garden you must receive Design Review Committee (DRC) approval prior to initiating a project.  The Committee has put together a "Quick Guide" of information and where to find it for all improvements.  Keep this document handy for future reference.
If exterior painting is on your 2019 "to do" list, below is a link to the Sherwin Williams Paint Color Book specifically prepared for Crofton Park:
Community Maintenance Responsibilities
Posted on May 1st, 2019

For some Crofton Park Garden homeowners this information is not "new" but may serve as a reminder of the maintenance responsibilities in the Community. However, many new homeowners have moved into the community over the last eighteen months, and it is important information to make sure that everyone understands.  Crofton Park Garden is a unique community.  Although it has the look and feel of a single family home community, in reality, it is a patio home community and maintenance responsibilities are delegated as follows:
Landscape Maintenance:
The Homeowners Association is responsible for all landscape maintenance including:
- Lawn mowing
- All pruning of trees
- All pruning of shrubs
- Fertilizing
- Edging
- Irrigation system maintenance and management
- All weed control
- Aeration
- Spring and fall cleanup
While it is tempting for homeowners who have at one time owned their own home and been responsible for their own landscape maintenance to try and “help” with the landscaping, this activity is NOT permitted.  It is considered a covenant violation if homeowners attempt to participate in landscape maintenance or management.

Please note that if you see something on the property that needs attention, we encourage you to contact Legacy Management and let them follow up with the contractor.

Trash and Recycle Services
Weekly trash and bi-weekly recycling services are provided by the MASTER Homeowners Association and they are responsible for managing this contract.All homeowners are required to follow the guidelines, which include:

Trash and recycling containers may not be placed at the curb earlier than 7:00 PM the night before the scheduled service date and must be stored out of sight no later than 7:00 PM the night of service.

All trash and recycling containers must have tightly secured lids.

All trash and recycling must be completely contained within the containers with lids secured.
Design Review and Committee
The Master Association’s Declaration of Covenants provide for the formation of a Design Review Committee (DRC).  This Committee consists of a representative from each of the three communities within Crofton Park.   All “improvements” to a property within Crofton Park Garden require that a Design Review application be submitted, reviewed and approved by the Committee before any type of improvement is initiated.
Per the Declaration of Covenants an “Improvement” is defined as all exterior improvements, structures, and landscaping features including but not limited to: solar collectors, satellite dishes, house painting, walkways, driveways, fences, patios, patio covers, exterior light fixtures, air conditioners, etc.
The Master Association facilitates Design Review so if you have any questions relating to the process, you should contact the Master Homeowners Association Management Company, Homestead Management at 303/457-1444.


~ Calendar ~
Board of Directors Meeting
Monday, April 12th, 5:00 - 7:00 PM at Zoom Video Conference
Please consider joining our meeting via teleconference by using the link below.
Meeting ID: 856 9356 1458
Passcode: 143384
Board of Directors Meeting
Monday, May 10th, 5:00 - 7:00 PM at To be determined
Please contact Legacy Management for meeting details.

~ Legacy Management ~
Crofton Park Garden is proudly managed by:
Legacy Management
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Brighton, CO  80601-9998
Office Hours:
Monday through Friday 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM