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Snow Removal Reminder
Posted on Feb 14th, 2020

The homeowners association is responsible for clearing off all sidewalks, a path to your front door and driveways when the snow depth exceeds three (3) inches.  Our contractor strives to clear Crofton Park Garden as quickly as possible after the snow has stopped falling, however, the amount of snow, access to our community and weather related issues such as temperature or wind can play a role in the removal process.   This work is completed using a combination of snow blower equipment and hand shoveling.

The City of Broomfield requires all sidewalks to be cleared of snow within 24 hours of the snow storm ceasing.  When it is greater than 3 inches, the HOA will remove this snow.  When it is less than 3 inches, it is a homeowners responsibility. 

Homeowners are not required to, but may clear their own driveways when the snow depth is less than three inches.
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