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Landscape Maintenance Update
Posted on Jul 15th, 2020

On Monday, July 13, 2020 the Crofton Park Garden Board of Directors met with the landscape company irrigation supervisor to discuss the condition of the landscape and understand what steps might be taken to improve it's condition.

The following steps were authorized:

1)  The irrigation system will move from 5 days per week until 6 days per week, allowing one "off" day for mowing services;

2)  No mowing services will occur this week (Wednesday, July 15, 2020) so as not to further stress out the gress.  You will see the crew on the property today, but their focus will be on pine needle/pine cone cleanup as well as some general maintenance tasks.  Mowing will resume on a Wednesday, July 22, 2020.

Also discussed at the meeting were the ongoing landscape challenges.  The Crofton Park Garden irrigation system was initially installed with the intention of each homeowner managing their own watering.  At some point, this responsibility changed and the HOA became responsible.  Unfortunately, the system was not designed to run in this manner, and because we only have four water taps for the entire community we have neither enough water volume or water pressure to run the system efficiently.  When temperatures are moderate, or we receive rain, we can get by.  This year, the 95 degree temperatures, coupled with no measurable rain are causing the problems you can see today.

The Board of Directors will be investigating ways to improve the system for the future.  This may be adding water taps, which come at a high cost, or perhaps revising the system to improve efficiencies.  We will be looking at alternatives over the next several months.

Please know that we recognize your frustration and our doing our best to improve the visual appeal of the community. 
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